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Garden Statues - Large Water Fountains and Stone Ornaments

Animal Statues - Lions
Concrete Balustrade
Superb value for money. Grey or Buff finish options.
This superb value for money concrete balustrade is ideal for patio's and balconies. Available in two sizes and two colours (Portland cement grey or with dye added for a Buff finish.. Or paint it white.. Balustrade and pedestals delivered on pallets with just up to two weeks lead time. + FREE Delivery on orders over £500 to UK mainland.
Concrete Balustrade Category
Water Fountain
Garden Statues
Stone Gazebo
Stone Table Sets
Stone Lamps
Statue Plinth
Over 160 Large cement marble Garden Ornaments in the store! FREE UK Delivery over £500
Earthtools has been selling large garden statues, water fountains and concrete balustrade for over 10 years. As the product line has expanded into ironwork such as driveway gates, commercial and residential railings and strong brass finished Victorian lanterns, we are committed to finding stylish and useful, quality home and garden products.

Find it for me..
If you've got a description, or a photo of the garden statue or large water fountain you just can't find, why not get in touch. We've got many connections within the garden ornaments industry for concrete, recon stone, carved, resin, brass, marble..
Outdoor Water Fountains
Payment Options
Email for invoice/BACS, or pay safely online.
Stone Planter
Musical Statues
Cherubs + Plinths - Set of 4
Total Height 1m 54cm. Price includes Free delivery to UK mainland. Cement marble composite moulded quality finish. Four Seasons also available in two sizes + plinths.
Garden Statues Category
Lion Statues (pair)
Concrete Lions - Left / Right
Set of 2 Lions. H 68cm W 40cm L 124cm. UK delivery available. For further pictures see Concrete Lions.
Many animal statues for sale including Eagles, Horses, Dolphins, Dogs.
Animal Statues Category
Best Discount Prices
Safe, Quality, Wooden Playhouses, Forts and Towers for the garden. Also available, Commercial Playgrounds. All with full kits and instructions for self assembly.
EU Safety Certificated.
Kids Playgrounds
Kids Playgrounds Category
Flag Stones 160yds available
The in-perfect, perfect finish of natural stone flooring can add great character to kitchens and patio's. See link for more pictures.. Offers welcome. Also, large 'aged' Lion statues with plinths.
Flag stones
£70 y
Water Fountains
Maratea Water fountain
A delightful, majestic water feature that looks fantastic in courtyards and gardens. A popular fountain in restaurants, hotels. Optional pump, lighting, spray rings Maratea Fountain.
Fountains Category
Large Statues
2m in Height + 80cm Plinth
There are four marble cement statues available in this set. Pictured above with optional plinth, is Statua Il Magnifico..
Check out pictures of these superb large statues and over 70 others..
Fountains Category



New Rattan Finish


DIY Ironwork


Hand Crafted Lanterns

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Superb new Rattan Weave
Cozy Bay have added a new finish to their popular rattan furniture. This '4 Seasons' style is possibly the best looking and feeling man-made wicker available! See pic's here..
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Custom Built Wrought Iron Staircases
We have added a quote form to the Iron Staircases page.
This form goes straight to our contractor, making pricing and discussion of requirements quick and easy.
External Iron Stairs and Fire Escapes

Ironwork Fixed Sizes
Following the popularity of the iron gates and railings we supply, we decided to put together some fixed sizes at fixed prices.
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Customer Gallery
A page where customers can show their garden projects. What does your Earthtools Statue, Fountain or Balustrade look like?
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New Rattan Furniture Finish

Iron Railings and Gates
Iron Gates | Iron Railings

Fixed Size Railings and Gates - Self Installation
Flexible Paint and Galvanized Finish Options

Manufactured in the UK, with either free or subsidised delivery available. Finished to a high standard using quality, strong steel.
Fixings are supplied to reduce costs for customers with their own builders or a DIY installation.


Lanterns, Lamp PostsVictorian Style Lanterns

Brass and Copper spun lanterns
Wall Fixed and Traditional Lamp Posts

Manufactured in the UK primarily for County Council's, the standard of this lighting is exceptional.
Lanterns are energy efficient and beautiful to look at. A refinement for residence, hotel or country house. Guaranteed for 5 years!