Wrought Iron Railings and Fences

Following the success of custom built commercial and residential iron railings and iron fences we thought it would be a great idea to add a selection of popular sizes and designs including hooped fences and paddock railings, medium and heavy duty plain or decorative Town and City railings to our cart system (or call), making them a breeze to order for self installation. Ordering your residential railings or commercial security iron fencing and suitable posts doesn't need to be complicated. - Here's the iron fence panels and fixing posts, here's the prices - a decent spec product at a decent price.

The material used to produce these iron railings, iron fence panes and posts (manufactured in the UK) is of a high standard. These ironwork products, with optional treatments and finishes, will give many years of functionality and pleasure.

Suitable Iron Fence Posts
Associated iron fence posts can be ordered (see related items in product info). You are able to select the quantity of intermediate, corner and end posts for your installation. There is also the same finish options available as the fence panels.

Finish Options

  • Un-Treated
  • Zinc Phosphate Primed
  • Zinc Phosphate Primed, Sprayed Black
  • Galvanized Protection Only
  • Galvanized Protection, Zinc Phosphate Primed, Sprayed Black

Residential, Commercial Railings and Fences

Widths of iron fences and railing panels below, where relevant, are + posts.


Product Delivery Details

Iron railings and iron fence panels / posts. See post codes / prices top right.

Prices shown below are for raw untreated ironwork. Pictures show products painted. View product details for optional zinc primer, galvanized and painted finishes at extra cost.    
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Iron Railings Fences

Hoop Fencing Section Post

Section Post
(fixing tabs two sides).
For Hooped Iron Fence.
W 50mm box section.
ALSO, Corner and End Posts. Prices from..


Product details

HD Railings Section Post

Section Post
(fixing tabs both sides).
For Heavy Duty Railings.
W 50mm box section.
ALSO, Corner and End Posts.
Prices from..


Product details

Paddock / Field Fencing

W 2000mm, H 1200mm
G 40mm x10mm Uprights
25mm x 5mm infill bars


Product details

Hoop Top Fencing

Park & Garden Round Railings
W 1800mm.
H 600mm / 900mm / 1200mm
G 12mm round bars. 40mm x 10mm top and bottom rails.
Prices from..


Product details

Heavy Duty Railings

Town, Commercial Iron Railings
W 1800mm.
H 600mm / 900mm / 1200mm
G 25mm solid iron round bars.
50mm x 10mm top, bottom rails.
Prices from..


Product details

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